Section 2 – Percentage of Candidates’ Contributions from Non-Individuals

Analysis of Mid-Year San Francisco Campaign Financing of Candidates for November 2011 Election Part 2

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By Oliver Luby & Marc Salomon

Section 2 – Percentage of Candidates’ Contributions from Non-Individuals

District Attorney – Mayor – Sheriff.

While San Francisco law prohibits corporations from making campaign contributions to San Francisco candidates, various other types of non-individuals are permitted to contribute to candidates.  The charts below list the percentage of each candidate’s itemized monetary contributors that are non-individuals.  Such contributors are entities (not individual human beings), such as political committees or businesses (often LLCs).

Required disclosure for such contributors is more limited than for individual contributors, since candidates must report the Occupation and Employer of individual contributors while no comparable disclosure (such as industry type or organizational purpose) is required for entity contributors.  In addition, the authors note that entity contributions are problematic from a campaign finance reform perspective because, despite affiliated entity laws, these contributions effectively provide a potential means for an individual to contribute over $500 to candidates, thereby circumventing contribution limits on candidate campaigns (example: Nice Guy gives $500 to Candidate and $500 to PAC & PAC then gives $500 to Candidate; Candidates receives $1,000).

Instances where non-individuals comprised 5% (1 in 20) or more of the itemized monetary contributors of a candidate are highlighted in red in the charts below.


I. District Attorney candidates – % of non-individual donors

II. Mayor candidates – % of non-individual donors

III. Sheriff candidates – % of non-individual donors