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Republican Commissioners Tie with Decline to State

by Larry Bush 06.22.2011

CitiReport’s survey of city commissioners and board members released today shows that Republicans and “Decline to State” appointees are tied on city boards and commissions, while Donkey’s have ten times as many appointees. The city’s fire chief, Joanna Hayes-White, registered as a member of the American Independent Party, the far-right groups associated with political extremism. […]

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Update: Lee Waiver OK, Supe Waiver Not So Much

by Larry Bush 04.08.2011

Ethics Commissioners kicked to the curb the proposal from their Executive Director and Deputy Director that the city’s law be weakened to allow appointed supervisors to skip the cooling off period before being allowed to seek a new city job or to contact city officials on behalf of paying clients. The 5-0 vote took place […]

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March Economic Disclosures

by Larry Bush 03.26.2011

[Selected Statements of Economic Interest filed on an annual basis by San Francisco appointees. Please note: the online links sometimes are changed without notice by the SF Ethics Commission and the Commission declines to post online all the required disclosures. For a full report, including income from tenants by name and other information, the public […]

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New Officials Personal Finance Reports

by Larry Bush 03.17.2011

Richard Johns assuming office statement as a member of the Historic Preservation Commission here Jeffrey Godown’s assuming office statement as Acting Police Chief here Ahsha Safai’s assuming office statement as a Housing Authority Commissioner here Veronica Hunnicutt’s assuming office statement as a Housing Authority Commissioner here Joseph Phair’s departing office statement as a member of […]

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Good to be Bad: Chris Daly on the Record

by Larry Bush 02.24.2011

“They cut off Main Street for me and sent me on the back roads,” former supervisor and current Market Street bar owner Chris Daly told CitiReport in a wide-ranging interview last week. “I couldn’t pass any meaningful legislation, because by the end I knew that (former supervisor) Bevan Dufty would be a fourth vote for […]

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Departing Supes File Economic Disclosure Statements

by Larry Bush 01.30.2011

require public disclosure of financial interests). Entering Office: Amy Brown, Acting City Administrator  – Download the PDF > Francis Crowley, Port Commissioner  – Download the PDF > Mark Dunlop, Treasure Island Development Authority  – Download the PDF > Jason Elliott, Environment Commission – Download the PDF > George Gascon, District Attorney – Download the PDF […]

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