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By Oliver Luby & Marc Salomon

Section 5 – Return of the Bush-O-Meter

Federal data source: Center for Responsive Politics (http://www.opensecrets.org/).

Our first August article on candidate campaign financing analyzed federal election donation profiles of each San Francisco candidate’s group of contributors.

The third part of our analysis of local donors’ federal contributions was the Bush-O-Meter, a table of donations made to former President George Bush by contributors to 2011 San Francisco candidates disclosed for period ending June 30, 2011.

Now that this year’s San Francisco candidates have reported their contributors for the period of July 1 to September 24[i], we decided to provide a new Bush-O-Meter for that period, below, using the same conservative methodology implemented last time to identify matches between San Francisco and federal campaign contributions databases.

We offer this data as an insight into the political values of the financial constituencies supporting each San Francisco candidate.

Contributors to DA candidate Bock gave the most money to George W. Bush, compared to the supporters of other San Francisco candidates, at $31,000.  Bock’s supporters were also big Bush donors prior to 7/1/11 (Bock ranked #2 on the Meter last time, at over $35,000).

Other fairly large amounts on the Meter for the First Pre-election Period were mayoral candidates Hall (at $11,735) and Mayor Ed Lee (at $10,000).

Candidates whose First Pre-election Period supporters contributed $0 to Bush were Sheriff candidate Miyamoto (also $0 for the period prior to 7/1/11), DA candidate Trinh, and mayoral candidates Alioto-Pier and Avalos.

The biggest changes between the current Pre-election Period Meter below and the last one: the rankings of DA candidate Gascon and mayoral candidates Herrera and Rees dropped.

Previously, Gascon supporters exceeded $25,000 in contributions to Bush; more recent donors gave only $1,000.

Prior Herrera donors also gave Bush over $25,000, but only $4,000 more recently.

Rees supporters passed the $40,000 mark on the last Meter, but hit only $5,000 this time.

Contributions made to George W. Bush by donors of 2011 San Francisco candidates

(Blue indicates under $25,000; red indicates over $25,000)


[i] Caveat: Since mayoral candidate Terry Baum’s contributions were not reviewed in our prior articles (because she had raised under $15,000 as of 6/30/11), we merged her 1/1/11-6/30/11 data with her data from the First Pre-election Period for purposes of conducting the analyses in Sections 3, 4, and 5 in this article.