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An Ethics Syllabus

by Larry Bush on 01/15/2013

in Paper Trails

2011 San Francisco Civil grand jury report “Ethics: Sleeping Watchdog”

2012 Board Budget and Legislative Analyst Report: San Francisco, Los Angeles Ethics comparison


Overview of California Disclose Act

FPPC Proposes Tighter Rules on Reporting

Stricter Campaign Disclosure Proposed by Yee, Leno

California Lobby Laws Riddled with Holes that Benefit Lobbyists


Lobbying overcomes Poor Performance for Contractors,0,4648316.story?track=rss

Developer Agrees to pay $165,000 to End LA Ethics Inquiry

San Jose bans lobbyists from texting, emails during Council meetings



Taxpayers Foot The Bill after Lobbyists Win Corporate Tax Breaks


Republicans Block Disclose Act with Filbuster Rule


Bay Guardian: Late Joe Lynn’s List of Ethics Reforms (2009)

Fog City Journal: Oliver Luby on the Backstory of Ethics Refusing to Investigate

Fog City Journal: Joe Lynn on Ethics Failures

Fog City Journal: Joe Lynn on Ethics Meltdown

Fog City Journal: Joe Lynn on Reforms for Recall Elections

Fog City Journal: Joe Lynn on Ethics’ Culture on Enforcement

Fog City Journal: Joe Lynn Gives his Most Extensive Review of Ethics with Solutions

SF Chronicle: Willie Brown Fundraiser Milks Mayors Pals for Millions (2003)

SF Examiner: Ethics Still Waiting on Ed Lee Response to Misconduct Charges

Bay Guardian: Was Realtor Attack Coordinated with David Lee?

Fog City Journal:  Gascon Charges Lee Donors in Money Laundering Case

Gascon go lorries

SF Chronicle: Board Looks At Ethics Commission Reforms

Bay Guardian: Ethics Shortchanges Hearing on Rose Report



Oliver Luby: Primer on Closing Soft Money Loopholes“soft-money”-disclosure-loopholes-in-san-francisco-2/

Oliver Luby: Shadow Money Sets Record

Oliver Luby: Mayor Lee Hiding Donors from Public

Oliver Luby: City College Money Laundering Case Study in Scandal

Identifying Donors Who Broke the Donor Cap

Ethics Seeks Repeal of Donor Caps

Ethics Phony War on Banned Contributions’-dummy-investigation-of-banned-contributions/

Ethics Bright Idea: Repeal Pay to Play Safeguards

Officials Fail to File Economic Disclosure Statements

Gascon: No Action on Sunshine Referrals from Ethics


Nuru: A Record of Scandal and Misconduct

Inside the Willie Brown Money Machine, Parts I and II

Civil Grand Jury Blows Whistle on Ethics Whistleblowing’s-whistleblower-program/

Civil Grand Jury: Ethics is Sleeping Watchdog“sleeping-watchdog”/

Ethics Dithers Over Response to Civil Grand Jury

Other Cities Do More on Ethics Than San Francisco

The Ethics Burial Ground: What Got Shoved Underground

George Wooding: Abolish the Ethics Commission


Recology seeks rate increase

Bay Guardian:

Chronicle: Recology Seeks Rate Increase

Weekly: Rose Pak Accused of Pressuring Recology for Draft Ed Lee campaign

Chronicle: Investigation Sought into Recology Politiking for Rose Pak/Ed Lee

Chroncile: Quentin Kopp wants Investigation into Recology

Bay Citizen: The Backstory on Recology, Ed Lee and Willie Brown





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