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UPDATE: SFDCCC Contributions Top $444,000 +

by Larry Bush on 06/04/2012

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As voters cast ballots today, last minute reporting of contributions to DCCC candidates has raised the total by another $30,000 and changed the line-up of top contributors and top candidate fundraising.

These figures can not be considered final for two main reasons: late filings only tally those of $1,000 or more so these figures do not include contributions in the 10 days before the election of less than $1,000), and secondly, candidates will continue to fundraise after the election is over.

The new top 20 candidates are:

Scott Wiener ($69,365)

Zoe Dunning ($37,100)

David Campos ($35,060.01)

Malia Cohen ($29,470)

Matt Dorsey ($27,765)

Petra DeJesus ($20,375)

Dufty/Mendoza ($19,680)

David Chiu ($18,400)

Joaquin Torres ($18,050)

Carole Migden ($14,832.09)

Kathleen Anderson ($14,400)

Justin Morgan ($13,880)

Mary Jung ($13,675)

Maria Mondejar $13,250)

Rafael Mandelman ($12,475)

Eric Mar ($11,400)

John Avalos ($9,500)

Alix Rosenthal ($7,294)

Leah Pimentel ($7,250)

Hene Kelly ($6,158)

(For a complete list of all candidates reporting contributions, by alphabetical order, click here)

A shift also took place among the top contributors to DCC candidates.

The latest reports put these donors in the top 20 category:

SF Apartment Assn ($18,500)

SF Alliance for Jobs ($10,000)

SF POA ($6,500)

Ronald Mallia ($6,000)

SEIU Candidate PAC ($5,000)

SEIU 1021 ($5,000)

Seven Hills Properties ($5,000)

John Dobres ($5,000)

Castenada Investments ($5,000)

Donald Conway $5,000)

SF Laborer’s Local $4,500)

Alexander Lai ($4,000)

Leah Pimentel ($3,400)

SEIU 1021 Candidate PAC ($3,000)

Trumark Homes ($3,000)

Francis Fernandez ($3,000)

Shorenstein Realty ($3,000)

UA Local 38 ($2,700)

Tom Ammiano for Assembly ($2,650)

Steven Kay (2.625)

(For the updated list of all contributors of $500 or more, click here)

(To compare with reports based on the weekend filings, see below)

This Tuesday’s election for seats on the San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee drew in more than $413,274 in contributions, with the most landing in Supervisor Scott Wiener’s campaign account. His $61,150 dwarfed the second-place fundraiser, Zoe Dunning, who received $36,100 in contributions.

Incumbent supervisors seeking election to the DCCC were among the top fundraisers.

In the 19th District, Eric Mar raised $11,400. In the 17th District, Scott Wierner raised $61.250, David Campos $30,060; Malia Cohen $22,470, David Chiu $18,400 and John Avalos $8,500.

One campaign fund linked two candidates from the Mayor’s office. Hydra Mendoza and Bevan Dufty ran together and raised $18,680.

Twelve candidates the 17th District, where 14 seats will be filled, broke the $10,000 level in contributions compared to just three candidates breaking $10,000 in the 19th District where ten seats will be filled.

(Click here for a complete list of all candidates and contributions)

The major contributor was the San Francisco Apartment Association which gave $16,500 to candidates, while the SF Police Officers Association ranked second with $6,500 in contributions. By type of donor, unions topped the list with a total of just over $28,000.

(Click here for a list of all contributors ranked by amount)


The top fundraisers in the 19th District were:

Kathleen Anderson  $14,400

Mary Jung $13,675

Eric Mar $11,400

Tom Hsieh $5,775

Hene Kelly — $4,908

Meagn Levitan $4,050

The top fundraisers in the 17th District were:

Scott Wiener $61.150

Zoe Dunning $36,100

Campos $30,060.01

Matt Dorsey $27,765

Malia Cohen $22.470

Petra DeJesus $20,375

David Chiu 18,400

Dufty –Mendoza $17,680

Carole Migden $14,832

Joaquin Torres $14,050

Justin Morgan $13,880

Maria Marily Mondejar $13,250

Rafael Mandelman $12,475

John Avalos $8,500

Alex Rosenthal $7,294.26

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