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The Mayoral Candidates’ BFF’s

by Larry Bush on 08/17/2011

in Paper Trails

Who signed the nomination papers for the November candidates?

All candidates must take an oath, fill out forms (such as a Statement of Economic Interests that includes gifts they got), pay a filing fee – and submit signatures from 20 registered voters nominating them as candidates.

It’s all soon to be available on the internet – except for the names of the nominators (is that a word?) of the candidates.

CitiReport sleuthed through the files in City Hall’s basement, got told we weren’t allowed to see the names, filed a Sunshine Request, chatted with the Elections Director (who didn’t resist for a second and quickly offered access), went back to Elections and looked through the records.

Couple of points. No one is allowed to make copies (not even a quick iPhone pix), but you can take hand notes. Also: people have deplorable handwriting. Even when it says spell the name. Can’t people spell their own names? And were we the last generation to learn the Spencer handwriting style with big cursive letters posted over the blackboard in every classroom through grade 8?

We gave it our best shot. If we misspelled a name, don’t blame us. If the name is dead wrong, go ahead and blame us. We’ll take it.

And if the candidate you want to know about isn’t here, don’t blame us for that either.

Turns out that candidates can submit names on a petition as part of an “in lieu” filing, and in some cases several thousand signatures were turned in. We weren’t offered a chance to go through those, thank heavens.

The ones we don’t have because they submitted long petitions are: Senator Leland Yee, Supervisor David Chiu, former supervisor Bevan Dufty, and Assessor Phil Ting.

But we’ve got the BFF (Best Friends Forever for those of you over 25) list for the other mayoral candidates.

You must be a registered voter to nominate someone. That probably explains why Rose Pak did not sign for Ed Lee because she isn’t a registered voter (at least not in San Francisco). Although it may be that she, Willie Brown, Gordon Chin, and others involved in the Run Ed Run effort have just been too darn busy, what with one thing and another.

Oh, and one other thing: only one BFF per candidate. Folks can endorse more than one, and some have signed endorsement slips for the Voter Handbook for more than one, but you can only be a nominator for one.

That’s what makes you a BFF.

Public Defender Jeff Adachi

Richard DiTullio

Frances Susan Hall

Marjorie Fletcher

Patricia Wada

Alice Moriguchi

Addie C. Kitchiner

David Bernardo

Amy Hamamoto

Rose Hene

Charles Toyooka

Mary Gonzales

Doug Comstock

Barbara Meskunas

Ross Snow

Noramn Spruel

Ann Dolyniuk

Sherrie Matza

Keith Consoer

Susan Van Kuiken

Jeff Adachi

Michela Aioto-Pier

Jordan Sussman

Blake Anderson

Shronda Jackson

Cherence Martilin

Chelse Breau

Mery Klein

Silvia Forward

Laura Karas

George Murray

Robert Jones

Derek Jansen

Peter Kressy

Mary Patricia Perkins

Albert Brothers

Alan Marwell

Karen Kank

John Duggan

Mark Wehrly

Jill Wehrly

Brenda Booker

Ann Alioto

Supervisor John Avalos

Sheila Chung Hagen

Donna Linden

Catherine Cusic

Mark Snyder

Harry Kornstein

Utuma Belfrey

Glenda Hyde

Tony Kelly

Aaron Peskin

Lizbett Calleros

Sarah Warren

Frances Hsieh

Kim Shree Maufas

Eric Mar

Jane Kim

Bruce Reyes-Chow

Ross Mirkarimi

Robert “Gabriel” Haaland

Rachel Rdeondiez

Alexander Hawata

City Attorney Dennis Herrera

Andrea Langolf

Mark Mosher

Yasmin Mahmoud

Benjamin A. Gonzales

Kevin Easton

Chuck Chan

Theodora Walsh

Tara Collins

Allie Fisher

Marisa Monet

Jack Song

Patrick Kane

Joshua Gulant

Georgory August

Kimiko Burton

Jennifer Drake

Alice Engstrom

Curt Robinson

Jeremy Carrison

Ben Jurcisin

Kristan Puiddy

Shugler Hudak

Yvonne Mere

Gustin Guibert

Gena Simi

Theordora Ellington

Matt Dorsey

Matthew Rothschild

David Sewell

Jill Nelson

Gabe Gavilanes

Eric Potashner

Mayor Ed Lee

(someone got lost on the way to our computer; there are just 19 names here)

Iereneo Veavea

London Breed

Robert Henry Johnson

Mery Ellen O’Brien

Laura Chiu

Helyanna Brooke

Ron Dudum

Rodel Rodis

Clementine Clark

Sharen Hewitt

Sande Mori

Jeffrey Mori

Marilyn Sue Lee

Johnnie Carter

Mary Jung

William Cleaveland

Stephen Theoharris

Caryl Ito

Keven Hu

Joanne Rees

Sam Bertain

Shaun O’Meara

Joe Famularo

Alfonzo Dizon

Jeffrey Such

Patrick O’ Meara

Nichola Panagopoulos

Ashley de Smeth

Bradord Kane

Alicia Harmon

Ann Danton

John Hamm

Paul Borchardt

Lisa Spiegel

Kayla Ungar

Rachel Ungar

Michael Ungar

Catherine Hopkin

Karri Ann Frerichs

Matt Drake

Kristen Stobel

Jacquelinie Hank




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