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18 City Officials Missed Second Filing Deadline

by Larry Bush on 07/01/2011

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It’s time to pull out the MIA bracelets. Next time, the bracelets may come from an enforcement agency.

Eighteen city officials failed once again to meet the deadline to file Statements of Economic Interest, and this time the Mayor’s appointee to the Elections Commission has been referred to the Fair Political Practices Commission for further action.

The city officials, whose reports were due April 1, 2011, were sent notices on June 14 telling them they had two weeks to submit the reports before additional steps would be taken.

Those missing the second deadline include an elected member of the Community College Board, Chris Jackson, and a prominent member of the city’s Sunshine Ordinance Task Force, Bruce Wolfe, where the duties include ensuring the public has access to required records.

City commissioners whose pictures may be showing up on milk cartons in stores near you include Page Arata, a member of the Recreation and Parks Commission and whose day job is confidential secretary to Mayor Ed Lee; Nicky Calma of the Entertainment Commission; Rosario Carrion-DiRicco of the Adult and Aging Commission; Charles Chase of the Historic Preservation Commission; Walter Park of the Access Appeals Commission; Leah Pimental of the Local Agency Formation Commission; and Michael O’Connor of the Small Business Commission.

Others include: Howard Ash of the Rate Fairness Board; Jeffrey Bleich of the Law Library Board; Patricia Breslin of the Rate Fairness Board; Thomas Bressan of the Residential Users Appeal Board; Patrick Buscovich of the Board of Examiners; John McKnight of the Workforce Investment Board; Robert Muscat of the Citizens General Obligation Bond Oversight Committee; James Reed of the Board of Examiners; and Jeffrey Sterman of the Health Authority Board.

If the city officials fail to file within two weeks after the second notice, which was sent June 29, then the Ethics Commission will begin compiling a record to forward to the Fair Political Practices Commission. That body can levy fines up to $5,000 and take action that could lead to removal from office.

Ethics will also fine late filers with notices going out between November and January, according to Ethics officials.



(CitiReport’s Larry Bush was fined $1,900 for failing to file SEI forms for 1985 and 1986 when he worked part-time for a member of the California State Legislature. He had no outside earnings in year and one writing assignment during the second year.)

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