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Republican Commissioners Tie with Decline to State

by Larry Bush on 06/22/2011

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CitiReport’s survey of city commissioners and board members released today shows that Republicans and “Decline to State” appointees are tied on city boards and commissions, while Donkey’s have ten times as many appointees.

The city’s fire chief, Joanna Hayes-White, registered as a member of the American Independent Party, the far-right groups associated with political extremism. One other city appointee also registered with the American Independent Party.

Elections officials guess that Hayes-White, who first registered as a city voter in May 2010, intended to indicate that she was an independent rather than a member of the American Independent Party. In either case, her registration would have prevented her from voting for Newsom or for Kamala Harris in the Democratic primary in June 2010. CitiReport calls to the Fire Chief were not returned.

In 2008, the Chronicle’s Matier and Ross reported that Jennifer Siebel, then engaged to Mayor Gavin Newsom, also has registered with the group they described as “anti-immigrant, anti-abortion, anti-NAFTA and anti-tax.” Newsom’s office explained she meant to register as an independent.

Meanwhile, the Green Party that a few years ago claimed influence that ranged from a strong mayoral candidate to elected members of the Board of Supervisors and School Board now numbers only one commissioner.

The only registered Green Party commissioner is Veronika Cauley, Veterans Affairs. That gives the Green Party a total of one-third of one percent

CitiReport used voter rolls to identify partisan affiliation, identifying 283 commissioners and board members.

The Republican Party claimed 22 city commissioners, tied with 22 who registered as Declined to State.

The Democratic Party claimed 236 commissioners and board members, more than ten times either the Republicans or Declined to State.

Republicans on 12 City Commissions

The overwhelmingly Democratic city has always found a way to accommodate and include some Republicans, often those who provided financial support to the mayor who appointed them.

CitiReport’s survey reveled that half of the Republican commissioners are numbered among donors to Newsom’s campaigns.

San Francisco, like all local California cities, deems local public offices to be nonpartisan. Among the list of GOP appointees are names that are well-known for their contributions to many aspects of civic life and improvement.

The registered Republicans identified from voter rolls are:

Michael J Antonini Planning Commission

Nancy Bechtle War Memorial Board of Trustees

Edwin L Berkowitz Asian Art Commission

Rosario L Carrion-Di Ricco Commission on Aging

Donald Casper Civil Service Commission

Julia Cheng Asian Art Commission

Edward A Chow Health Commission

Dixon Doll Asian Art Commission

Murat Eskicioglu Golden Gate Park Concourse Authority

Amy Hart, Dr. Medical Examiner’s Office

Scott Heldfond Health Service System Board

George K. Lau Fire Commission

Doris Shoong Lee Asian Art Commission

Charlotte Mailliard Shultz Mayor’s Office of Protocol

Thomas P. Mazzuco Police Commission

Ann M Moller Caen Public Utilities Commission

Mel Murphy Building Inspection Commission

Michael L O’Conner Small Business Commission

Stephen Revetria Golden Gate Park Concourse Authority

Charlotte Shultz War Memorial Board of Trustees

Diane Wilsey War Memorial Board of Trustees

Non Partisan Appointees

The number of city appointees who registered as Nonpartisan matches the Republican registration.

They are:

John Paul Arntz Dept. of Elections

Karen A Breslin Health Service System Board

John Buchanan Fine Arts Museum

Leo Chow Arts Commission

Alicia Gamez Commission on the Status of Women

Gerard Gleason Elections Commission

Deborah Henderson Rent Board

Jim W. Hurley Rent Board

Jeffrey Kaminsky Youth Commission

Angelo King Commission on the Environment

Richard P Matthews Elections Commission

Alan Mok Commission on the Environment

Michael Myatt War Memorial Board of Trustees

Teresa Nauer Youth Commission

Dennis Normandy Civil Service Commission

Luke O’Brien Small Business Commission

Anderson Pugash Golden Gate Park Concourse Authority

Amber Rose Veterans’ Affairs Commission

Doug Kurt Shoemaker Mayor’s Office of Housing

Peter Stern Airport Commission

Wendy Still Adult Probation

Jay Xu Asian Art Museum

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