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Redistricting Task Force: 3 Appointed by Elections

by Larry Bush on 06/17/2011

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The Elections Comission named its three appointees to the Redistricting Task Force at its June 15 meeting. Six more are to be named — three by the Board of Supervisors and three by the mayor.

Elections named David Pilpel, Melissa Tidwell and Mark Schreiber.

Pilpel is a regular at city boards and commissions and frequently testifies at hearings.

Mark, P. Schreiber is a managing partner at  Cooper White & Cooper and 1992-93 civil grand jury member

Melissa Tidwell is the Corporate Counsel at Google.

All Election Commission application bios are linked below in this story as a pdf.

Fifteen applications for the Board of Supervisors’ appointments to the Redistricting Task Force now are on file, while the Elections Commission has scheduled a meeting for June 15 to begin selecting its appointments.

The nine-member Task Force includes three appointments from the Elections Commission, three from the Board of Supervisors and three from the mayor. The mayor’s office has not announced when it will begin accepting applications.

The fifteen applicants pending at the Board of Supervisors include five who also applied with the Elections Commission.  They include the diversity of San Francisco’s ethnic communities and a reasonable cross-section of the city’s neighborhoods, from the Marina to the Avenues, Chinatown to the Mission.

Most applicants come with seasoning in outreach through work with community nonprofits, particularly in housing. Also among the applicants is Paul Hogarth, longtime managing editor of as well as the CEO of the United Way.

Here is the alphabetical list of the submitted applications, with a redistricting tf-bd1 to the pdf that contains the full applications from each.

The date for a hearing as well as a deadline for applications has not yet been set.

(Asterisk means also applied with the Elections Commission. Information on ethnicity or neighborhood is based on the applicants determination)

Mike Alonso, 94122 (39th Avenue) a security professional, identifies as Latino

* Kathleen “Kat” Anderson, 94123 Avila Street, an attorney on employment discrimination and labor issues. Director of the Marina Community Association.

Maria Guadalupe Arreola, 39th Avenue, investigator and mediator with SF Human Rights Commission, identifies as Latina

Michael Chung, (Potrero), senior corporate counsel with SAP America, Inc., identifies as Korean American

* Ron Dudum, 31st Avenue, property manager, member of Arab and Palestinian communities, board candidate four times over past 11 years.

* Rachel Ebora, 94110, Ex Dir, Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center, identifies as Filipino, lead and designed outreach program for Census 2010.

Paul Hogarth, Tenderloin Housing Clinic, lives on Turk Street, Beyond Chron managing editor

* Jenny Lam, Director of Community Initiatives at Chinese for Affirmative Action, Diamond Heights Blvd, identifies as Chinese.

Eric McDonnell, Quesada Ave, CEO of United Way, identifies as African American; Board chair SF School Alliance

Katharine (Katie) Morales, 29th Avenue, and govt manager with Cresleigh Development a firm involved in commercial property development

Sarah Margolis Pearce, 29th Avenue, registered nurse at UCSF, Sunset district, identifies ethnicity as “white”

Juanita Recinos, 94103 16th street (Mission), a student identifies as Latino,

* James R. Tracy, organizer for the Community Housing Partnership and a SPUR board member (Western Addition?)

Roberto Ariel Vargas, identifies as Chicano and Nicaraguan, health educator at USCF dealing with demographics (Mission)

Anna Yee, Executive/Attorney with Chinatown Community Development Center, Idora Ave, Chinese American. Board member, Northern California Community Loan Fund

Election Commission Applications

The Election Commission applicants came from diverse backgrounds, but many did not include information on which part of the city is their home or their ethnic background. Those factors could be decisive in a final selection process as appointing officials seek to ensure that the city is well represented on the Redistricting Task Force.

Downtown groups showed their strong interest in the outcome of redrawn lines for electing supervisors for the next ten years. Among the applicants is Ken Cleaveland, government relations director and lobbyist for the Building Owners and Managers Association, Daniel Scherotter, past president of the Golden Gate Restaurant Association, Ted Lowenberg, a leader in the “Civil Sidewalks” ballot measure, and Melissa Tidwell, Google’s corporate counsel.

Several applicants previously sought election to the Board of Supervisors. They are Ron Dudum, Steven Moss, Owen O’Donnell and Kat Anderson.

If the list of applicants tilts in any direction – perhaps more to the moderate than reform-minded side of city politics – it is also dense with serious-minded residents with a record of accomplishments. Several are published authors of professional papers on voting and political engagement as well as authoring books and professionally lecturing. Several are experienced professionals in computer analysis of data.

The candidates include Asian Pacific Islanders, African Americans, LGBT members, Jewish community leaders, and retired white males. Only a handful of the applications released to the public indicate which neighborhoods are included; the city’s West Side appears to have the fewest applicants.

The 2000 District Elections Task Force hired outside staff to develop various scenarios based on census and other data in an effort to fashion districts that allowed for full inclusion under the Voting Rights Act and represented common challenges and interests in their make-up. While differences of opinion are to be expected, the 2000 Task Force appeared to be heavily influenced by then-mayor and former Assembly Speaker Willie Brown who was an expert at drawing legislative districts that resulted in the outcome that continued to give him control over the state assembly.

The 2000 Task Force narrowly rejected one proposal that was interpreted by critics as primarily designed to enhance the prospects of Brown-backed candidates, and passed the current district lines on a 5-4 vote. The swing vote that year came from John Trasvina, an Elections Commission appointee who currently serves as the Assistant Secretary at HUD for Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity in the Obama Administration.

You can download the full applications for applicants in a single document here: The list includes three applicants who failed to make the deadline and where ruled disqualified for that reason at the May 4 Election Commission meeting. They are Todd Mavis, Human Rights Commission appointee by Mayor Newson and a Noe Valley resident with a law degree; Jennifer Friedenbach, executive director of Coalition on homelessness; and Lena Carew, City College Students Making a Change president and anAfrican American

Below is an alphabetical list of the applicants with a one or two word description based on their applications.

Kathleen Kat Anderson, attorney, former aide to State Senator Carole Migden and D2 candidate.

Keith Baraka, gay African American firefighters and Toklas Club executive

Kevin Cheng, Noe Valley resident, homebuilder in Mission, Duboce Triangle, Toklas Club

Ken Cleaveland, BOMA government and public affairs representative

Kathleen Coll, Chicano studies and feminist studies at Stanford, author Remaking Citizenship

Gia Daniller-Katz, Jewish Community Relations Council Government Relations Director 1999-2003, Senator Barbara Boxer Northern California field representative, worked in Washington for Sen. Dodd and briefly at White House police office.

Ron Dudum, supervisor candidate

Rachel Ebora, Filipina immigrant, director of community engagement, Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center

Christopher S. Elmendorf, a Mission resident and UC Davis Law professor

Sally Grady, health specialist Dept of Labor, League of Women Voters

Ed Helfeld, past director of Redevelopment Agency 1987-1994

Suki Kott, volunteer with Supervisor Michela Alioto-Pier 09-10,  Mark Farrell for supervisor volunteer 2010, software and tech professional

Brigette R. LeBlanc, African American background, has consulting business and past work in Sean Elsbernd’s 2004 supervisor campaign and Newsom for Mayor 2003 campaign.

Jenny Lam, director of community initiatives at Chinese for Affirmative Action

David Lee, Chinese American Voters Education Committee and Newsom appointee to the Recreation and Parks Commission

Ted Lowenberg, President of Haight Ashbury Improvement Association and active on civil sidewalks measure and Small Property Owners of San Francisco

Kevin Malone, involvement in community political clubs, Toklas, Wallenberg, Stonewall, District 8.

Richard Millet, retired architect and Potrero resident

Steven Moss – 2010 District 10 supervisor candidate, background with the Potrero View newspaper

Owen O’Donnell, 2008 District 5 supervisor candidate, retired attorney

David Pilpel, City Hall regular

Daniel Scherotter, Chef/Owner of Palio d’Asti restaurant and past president of Golden Gate Restaurant Association who lives in Miraloma Park

Mark, P. Schreiber, managing partner, Cooper White & Cooper and 1992-93 civil grand jury member

Melissa Tidwell, Google Corporate Counsel

James Tracy, Community Housing Partnership, Eviction Defense Network



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