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A new site offering research and links promising “investigation and education in order to promote good government by informing the public about money in politics and connections between lobbyists, corporations, special interests, and elected officials.” It’s first report, “Flying Through Loopholes” received widespread attention for details on travel expenditure contributions to San Francisco elected officials.

Providing legal resources and election news to California election officials and the attorneys who represent them. Editor: Randy Riddle, an expert on San Francisco election and ethics laws.


San Francisco Ethics Commission


San Francisco Elections Department:


California Fair Political Practices Commission

California Secretary of State
Political Reform Division

•                On-line search of state candidates’ campaign fundraising and expenditure activities

•                Copies of campaign disclosure statements for all state candidates and state ballot measures

•                State elections and voter information

•                How to obtain campaign Committee Identification Numbers

•                How to terminate a committee

California Office of the Attorney General

•                Information about California’s open meetings laws (“The Brown Act”)

•                How to avoid conflicts of interest when acting on government contracts (California Government Code Section 1090)

California State Franchise Tax Board

•                Information about a political committee’s tax status

•                Contributions to tax deductible organizations

•                Other state tax-related questions

Federal Elections Commission

•                Laws regarding political contributions from national banks and national corporations

•                Laws regarding political contributions from foreign nationals

U.S. Office of Government Ethics

•                Federal Conflict of Interest laws and Standards of Conduct for Executive Branch employees

U.S. House of Representatives
Office of the Clerk of the House
Office of Records and Registration Phone

•                Federal lobbying registrations and reports

United States Internal Revenue Service

Guidestar (nonprofit filings)

Los Angeles Ethics Commission:


City of Oakland Public Ethics Commission

City of San Diego Ethics Commission


New York City Campaign Finance Board

City of Seattle Ethics & Elections Commission

Council on Governmental Ethics Laws


Center for Govnermental Studies:


California Voter Foundation


Bay Citizen




California Watch


San Francisco Usual Suspects


San Francisco Weekly Snitch


San Francisco Bay Guardian Politics Blog


Beyond Chron


Fog City Journal


Able Dart’s Wall








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