POA Contested Election; HUD hearing on LGBT Bias

by Larry Bush on 01/30/2011

in Merely Rumors


It wasn’t Gary Delagnes in the first round of voting by members of the Police Officers Association ballot for President and Executive officers. Result: run-off. Prediction: Bad News for a George Gascon endorsement in November’s DA election. Watch: the run-off results for Sergeant at Arms, where Joe Valdez stands a pretty fair chance of unseating the incumbent member of Delagnes’ team, Chris Breen. The vote is ongoing, with final ballots due by Sunday, January 30. Steve Landi is challenging Delagnes for the top spot, raising a charge that Delagnes has been too close to Gascon, as well as handling of internal budget priorities. The Sergeant at Arms position is less a second banana than an opportunity to open the POA to more voices. Whatever happens, the betting is that predictions were far off the mark that Gascon was popular with the rank and file officers and the POA will not give him their endorsement.


Tony Winnicker, ex-Mayor Newsom’s press secretary, may be moving on, so says Merely Rumors. Whatever his reasons, most observors don’t see Gavin Newsom’s combative style against the Board and the media as a comfortable fit for Interim Mayor Ed Lee. For Newsom, it was always “my way or the highway,” most recently evidenced the report that Newsom demanded that such former allies-turned-critics as Gary South not be invited to the recent political consultant autopsy of the last election. The event was sponsored by UC, and it was noted that Newsom is a new member of the UC Board of Regents able to wave a sword over future budget needs.


Not every politican takes to the microphone to trumpet their precedent-setting efforts. Assemblymember Tom Ammiano played a role in persuading the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to write new anti-bias policies for LGBT staff and customers, including housing for domestic partners in public and assisted housing. The workload fell to John Trasvina, a member of the Elections Task Force that drew up the San Francisco supervisor district lines last time and who now serves as Assistant Secretary of HUD for Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity. Trasvina shepherded the policy through HUD channels and the White House, with an assist in demonstrating the need from Lesbian Rights Project director Kate Kendell as well as the staff at San Francisco’s Human Rights Commission. Trasvina holds the post once held by Roberta Achtenberg, who now has been named by Obama to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, which, despite its name, is blocked by congress from including sexual orientation.

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