2011 Local Contributors Also Gave in Federal Contests

Analysis of Mid-Year San Francisco Campaign Financing of Candidates for November 2011 Election Part 1

By Oliver Luby & Marc Salomon

Section 3 – Federal Donor Profiles of San Francisco Campaign Contributors

Source: San Francisco Ethics Commission & Center for Responsive Politics (opensecrets.org).

While candidates no doubt typically want to embrace the big tent of their extended communities, the general public tends to have certain ideas about what constitutes the core values of their municipal community.  To examine whether or not the financial interests supporting this year’s San Francisco candidates share the values of the voters whom the candidates are courting, we thought it would be interesting to create federal donor profiles of the campaign contributors for each San Francisco candidate.  The data below (parts I-III) was generated by looking up each itemized individual (human) San Francisco contributor of each of this year’s candidates in a federal campaign finance database and pulling all their contributions made to federal candidates.  Matching was automated and conservative, so the data may not reflect all federal contributions made.

I. Total federal candidate contributions (1998-2010) made by individual donors of SF candidates

Candidate SF Race Amount of federal contributions made by candidate’s donors
Miyamoto, Paul Sheriff $2,300
Run Ed Lee Run Mayor $8,550
Hall, Tony Mayor $114,751
Avalos, John Mayor $315,800
Ting, Phil Mayor $335,940
Yee, Leland Mayor $342,517
Mirkarimi, Ross Sheriff $379,813
Alioto-Pier, Michela Mayor $688,802
Chiu, David Mayor $806,286
Rees, Joanna Mayor $1,432,926
Gascón, George DA $1,451,159
Bock, Sharmin DA $1,855,340
Dufty, Bevan Mayor $2,581,405
Herrera, Dennis Mayor $2,603,872
Onek, David DA $4,161,129


II. Democrats vs. Republicans vs. Third Parties/Independents made by donors of SF candidates (click title)

III. George-Bush-O-Meter

Contributions made to George W. Bush by donors of 2011 San Francisco candidates